Exterior Painting

Exterior Painting



Avoid costly repairs by staying up to date on exterior house painting. Your exteriors paint job the only thing protecting your homes siding from damage. Here at original Spectrum Painting Co., we do the job right. We start by thoroughly washing all exterior surfaces to be painted, including chemically treating for mildew and algae growth.  All failing caulking is completely removed and re-caulked with a high-performance sealant that offers 800% elongation and can break and re-attach itself after thermal flexing.  All failing paint is mechanically scraped, sanded, and then primed.

Windows, decks, roofs, brick, fixtures, etc. are masked, and all plants, decks, roofs, and landscapes get covered with canvas tarps before painting.  The building then gets painted with one or two coats (depending on condition, color, and budget) of premium exterior latex paint. If two coats are used we apply a second coat only after the first coat is dry.   All trim gets brushed with a high-quality exterior latex flat or enamel.  The front door is sanded, re-caulked, imperfections filled, and then sprayed with two coats of oil or latex enamel.


We start by meticulously cleaning the cedar with a cedar wash product.  The cedar is then scrubbed with a stiff bristle brush and then rinsed with a low-pressure wash.  The exterior is sprayed and back-brushed with a high-quality exterior stain/preservative.  We also offer a more durable exterior finish for windows, doors, and exterior trim, such as; Sikkens, hand rubbed teak oils, and varnishes.


Concrete and stucco can be painted with a wide variety of finishes, but seem to perform best with a quality elastomeric coating offering performance for up to twenty years.